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About Us

FC Lake County - Background

FC Lake County (Est 2014) is an organization formed through the combination of the Warren United and Grayslake Galaxy soccer programs. After reviewing both organizations positives and challenges, both boards agreed that merging the programs would create a greater opportunity to fulfill many of the goals and objectives for both clubs. The 2014-15 soccer year was the inaugural season for our new club.

Mission Statement

The mission of FC Lake County is to provide age and skill appropriate instruction to all soccer players through a tiered curriculum that addresses a variety of learning styles presented by highly qualified trainers to advance both their technical and tactical skills.  FC Lake County will help players develop a passion for soccer while cultivating positive relationships between players, coaches, and the greater soccer community.

Player Development Philosophy

We recognize that when children play soccer, they are primarily interested in four things: action, personal involvement in the action, close scores, and opportunities to reaffirm relationships with friends.

Our goal is to develop creative, freethinking players, who have the understanding of the game to know when, where and why to take each action and have the technical ability to execute these actions.

The training sessions will be designed around the four pillars of the game:  Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological and will incorporate the following development criteria:

  • Intelligence
  • Technique
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Power


To ensure our players are taught the correct topics in the correct way and at the right time in their individual development, the Technical Director has created age and ability appropriate curriculums, which the training staff follow. They are as follows:

1.      Academy and Development Program
2.      U8 to U10
3.      U11 and U12
4.      U13 and U14
5.      U15 to U18

Parents are sent the curriculum their child will work through on a yearly basis as they progress through the ages within the club.