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U9 to U15

Within these age groups players transition through fast paced and game related technical development as individuals, and into small group interactions developing functional partnerships in and around the field.

Players are encouraged to problem solve using their own creative thoughts while being comfortable in possession of the ball.

As players progress through this age range, we develop general understanding of the roles and functions of positions within the team in four key moments of the game:

  1. In Possession

  2. Moment the ball is lost (transition)

  3. Out of possession

  4. Moment the ball is won (transition)

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2018-19 Team Listing

Boys Teams

U9 Black: Coach Erik Van Treeck  

U9 White: Coach Erik Van Treeck  

U10 Black: Coach Matt Bohmann

U10 White:  Coach Jeremy Pasterz

U11 Black: Coach Gregg Fairley

U11 White: Coach Josh Rea

U12 Black: Coach Erik Van Treeck

U13 Black: Coach Matt Bohmann

U14 Black: Coach Erik Van Treeck

U15 Black: Coach Steve Mason


Girls Teams

U9 Black: Coach Josh Rea

U9 White: Coach Josh Rea

U10 Black: Coach Carissa Nemmers

U11 Black: Coach Bethany Martin

U11 White: Coach Josh Rea

U12 Black: Coach Matt Bohmann

U14 Black: Coach Gregg Fairley

U15 Black: Coach Steve Mason